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Oxygen Concentrator / Generator

Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator carries forward our commitment of providing reliable, cost-effective and quality products.

An Oxygen Concentrator is a machine that generates medical oxygen. It runs on electricity and the only maintenance required is the regular cleaning of filters.

The Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator has been designed to provide a combination of enhanced features, reliability of a proven technology and unsurpassed quality.

The Nuvo Oxygen Concentrator is the largest selling concentrator in India. We promise you complete satisfaction and convenience.

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Why Aquazone Ozonator ?

Aquazone a leading name in ozonator technology. Manufacturing World class ozonators at an affordable price. Our ozonators are made of international standards and working satisfactorily from last 20 years across the Globe. Aquazone is a specialist in the field of ozonator stablished by a group of technocrats with wide experience on ozonator. Aquazone is a leading designer and manufacturer of various ozonator such as for air & water treatment, purification application etc.

India’s most powerful ozonator generates 8 times more ozone per hour than most other models available here. This amount of power is required to remove the organic load in Indian waters. AQUAZONE systems adopt and conform to International Standards, thus out beating all other smaller ozonators

If you are looking for world best most economical ozone generator then aquazone systems and engineering is your final destination. Our Ozone generators are completly in SS with both air cooled and water cooled models are available.

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