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Air Ozonator

Innovative Air Treatment, Deodarization, Disinfection, Sterilsation & Purification by Ozone Technology

Air treatment technolgy to control ordour , bacteria, dust, smoke, virous from air by ozone technology.

Aquazone offers ozone generators for air treatment with capacities ranging from 100 mg/h to several hundred g/h. The low capacity ozone generators are air fed ozone generators, whereas higher capacities in the range of 10 g/h and above are oxygen feed ozone generators. The oxygen is provided using Industrial Oxygen Generator s of Nidek make Nuvo Mark 5 and Nuvo Mark 8.. The 100 mg/h and 200 mg/h ozone generators for air treatment have in-built mini air recirculation fans which take in ambient air from the surrounding and give out air with a small percentage of ozone in it. These can be mounted on the wall or on shelves at a height not less than 8 ft. from the floor.

The larger than 200 mg/h ozone generators for air treatment are provided with built-in mini oil free air compressors and which give out very low concentration ozone output from a PTFE tube for injecting directly in an air handling ducting. From here, ozone mixed with air is distributed in the area catered to by the air handling unit through the existing ducting.

Accessories offered for application of ozone for water treatment:

The main accessory offered for application of ozone in air is to control the ambient ozone to not to exceed the stipulated level of 0.08 ppm or 80 ppb for continuous human exposure is Ambient Ozone Monitors from reputed manufacturers with full service back-up. These monitors can be offered in single version for controlling one or more ozone generators for air treatment. The desired set levels of ozone in air are set and it controls the ozone generator to operate between these limits. Higher versions of these controllers for integration with other instrumentation and control equipment can also be offered.

As ozone generators for air treatment, any type of instrumentation system based on customer requirement can be offered including any automated function or display required for any individual requirement can be incorporated in the ozone system or can be offered as stand alone.

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Why Aquazone Ozonator ?

Aquazone a leading name in ozonator technology. Manufacturing World class ozonators at an affordable price. Our ozonators are made of international standards and working satisfactorily from last 20 years across the Globe. Aquazone is a specialist in the field of ozonator stablished by a group of technocrats with wide experience on ozonator. Aquazone is a leading designer and manufacturer of various ozonator such as for air & water treatment, purification application etc.

India’s most powerful ozonator generates 8 times more ozone per hour than most other models available here. This amount of power is required to remove the organic load in Indian waters. AQUAZONE systems adopt and conform to International Standards, thus out beating all other smaller ozonators

If you are looking for world best most economical ozone generator then aquazone systems and engineering is your final destination. Our Ozone generators are completly in SS with both air cooled and water cooled models are available.

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