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Ozone in Swimming Pool

Crystal - Clear Pool Spa Water is as Easy as  0 1 + 0 2  =  0 3

  • Makes the Water Non-Carcinogenic (Non Cancerous)
  • Ozone burns the RHM's (Tri Halo Methanes) given out by Chlorine reations
  • Ozone oxidizes sweat, sputum, body oil, saliva, deodorants etc. which is not possible by Chlorine
  • Eye irritation, Skin rash, Hair and Skinn bleaching are avoided
  • Eleminates all know types of Bacteria and Virus
  • Removes Odour and Colour from the water
  • Oxidizes trace metals in the water
  • Ozone usage in Swimming pools can reduce the chlorine to the pool by 60
  • Leaves no residue in the water
  • Creates very healthy water to swim in

Ultra Pure Water

Mineral Water Bottling and Canning Plants. Breweries ozonate the brewing water to remove any residuals of taste & odour and to ensure the absence of micro organisms. The Bottled water industry requires that the ozone residual be included with the water in the bottle. The ozone residual disinfects the inside of the bottle where the contact is made with the water; some ozone however escapes into the gas phase where it also disinfects the inside of the cap and the container, which is not in contact withthe water. Finally, the ozone residual disappears as it decomposes to oxygen. In similar  applications, the inside of the bottles and cans is sprayed with water containing an ozone residual for disinfection prior to the introduction of food (Soft drink or Mineral Water etc.)

Ultra Pure Water for Pharmaceutical Industries

In the pharmaceutical industry, sterility of deionized water systems is maintained by using an ozone residual. The ozone residual concentration is maintained at >0.3 ppm in the water recirculation loop. Prior to the product compounding, the ozone residual is removed by contact with uv irradiation for <1 s. Ozone also is used to oxidize pyrogens from distilled water destined for intravenous solutions.

Ultra Pure Water for Electronic Industries

Organic materials on the surface of electronic components Are oxidized by immersion in deionised water that contains 0.5-2 ppm ozone residual. In some cases, gaseous ozone is employed to oxidize organic films on the surface of electronic components. In this treatment process, 5-6 wt % ozone, made in an oxygen-fed generator is required.

Industrial Waste Water Pollution Control

Non biodegradable industrial waste can be made degradable by treatment with ozone. The non-biodegradable molecules are made biodegradable by the introduction of an oxygenated
organic functional group at which site the metabolic process can begin. In a similar manner, oxygenated functional groups are also formed on the surface of furnace carbon black. Carbon black is suspended in a gas stream and is treated with ozone at 50-150oC. This process produces a long flow, high color ink containing good dispersive properties. One of the first industrial ozone wastewater applications involved the oxidation of phenol and cyanide in a solution that was used
to strip paint from airplanes.Destructions of phenol and cyanide, together with the treatment of textile-dye wastewater, remain the three largest applications of ozone to the industrial wastes.

Phenols : The first stable ozone oxidation product of phenol in water is cis, cis-muconic acid, which require ~2mol O3/mol phenol. In practice, larger dosage levels of ozone are required because other ozone-reactive  substances are present in most wastes. Ozone oxidation of phenolic effluents is employed in paper mills, coke mills, oil refineries, and thermoplastic resin manufacture, producing effluents that are safe to fresh water biota.

Cyanide Wastes : Ozone is employed to oxidize cyanide-bearing wastes to yield the nontoxic cynate ion, which can be further oxidized by ozone to carbon dioxide and nitrate ion (46,124). Ozone has been applied to cyanidebearing planting wastes, photographic wastes, mining wastes, and textile dyeing plant wastewater; a concurrent reduction of heavy-metal concentrations occurs in these processes (125). The photographic industry treats their effluents with zone to remove the chemical oxygen demand (COD), heavy metal ions, chelating agents (qv)s, and cyanide ion. A combination of ozone and UV irradiation is used to destroy iron-cyanide complexes and other ozone refractory compounds, eg, glycine, palmitic acid, glycerol, ethanol, and acertic acid (126).

Color Bodies : Effluents possessing either natural color bodies, eg, tannins and lignin from pulp and paper operations, or synthetic color bodies, eg, organic dyes, can be decolorized by ozone (127,128). Ozone cleavage of the carbon-carbon double bonds in the chromophoric molecules shifts the absorption spectrum from the visible to the UV region.

Ozone is Used For :

  • Ultra pure water for pharmaceutical industries.
  • Ultra pure water for electronic industries.
  • Mineral and bottled drinking water industries.
  • Swimming pool & spa water treatment.
  • Cooling tower water treatment.
  • Effluent treatment.
  • Municipal water treatment.
  • Also it is used to purify air in Pharmaceutical Industries, Hotels, Health Clubs and also to clean Carpets, Draperies, and Upholstery.

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