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Ultrasonic Algae And Biofilm Control

Ultrasonic Algae & Biofilm Control Technology.

Removal, Kills Algae Using Innovative Ultrasound Device.

Aquazone Digital Acoustic Algaecide device is having state of the art ultrasonic electronic technology.

Digital Ultrasonic ( Acosutic ) Algaecide Equipment. Ultrasonic technology is now well estabilished environment friendly method to control algae, bacteria, smell and organic matter in Swimming pools (upto Olympic size), Drinking Water Storage, Cooling Tower, Water purifying systems, Water storages for the horticulture industry, Irrigation installations for the garden industry, Recycling water containers, Raceways for aquacultures, Waste water recycling plants, Ponds and Lakes

How Acosutic Algaecide device works: The Algae get shaken to bits, just like the opera singer smahing a wine glass with that pefect notel.

The Electronic control box contains the micro chip which is programmed to digitally generate a range of ultrasound frequencies which the transducer emits as a series of pulses, five times per secound. Which these pulses strikes the algae cells, the cells begine to resonate. If algae, such as Blue / Green , have the a gas vacuole ( Buoyancy), Then the vacuole also starts resonate to such as extent that it continues to increase in size. There then comes a point when the vacuole becomes unstable and collapse, making the algae sink to the botom of the pond.

Algae species which don’t have a gas vacuoles react differently. The vibration from the ultrasound cause the inner cell wall of the algae cell ( plasmalemma ) to become detached from the outer cell wall – this means that water, gases and nutrients can neither be absorbed or expelled and as a result the algae dies.

Difrent algae are susceptible to different frequencies, so unlike other ultrasonic systems in the market use one frequency, Aquazone’s Aquasonic models are programmed to emits a range of different frequncies that will work on the most stubborn algae.

Asymmetrical Ultrasound Pulses: If ultrasound is generated in regular pulses, then it will be reflected by the pond walls/ edgs and other obstructions like islands. As a result, the outgoing and returning waves “ CANCELL “each other out creating ‘ quite ‘ areas. With Aquazone’s Aquasonic product the ultrasound is generated at irregular intervals to gurantee maximum effectivess.

Biofilm: Not only only ultrasound remove algae, but it also removes ‘ Biofilm ’ – this is the ‘slime’ that can be found growing on submerged surfaces. Initially bacteria growth only, biofilm provide a substrate onto which algaecan attach and grow.

The ultrasound is also proven to work with many water born pathogens such as E.coli and Legionella bacteria and so can also be used for water treatment, thereby reducing the need for chemical treatment.

Digital Ultrasonic Algaecide Device guarantees 100% success in killing algae by ultrasonic vibrations.

The distance which has to be reached by the ultrasonic is of decisive importance, not the volume of the water. The speed with which the algae are killed depends on the kind of algae which have to be treated. The especially designed transducer is a waterproof element, which converts the electrical energy into sound energy in frequencies which are fatal for various kinds of algae, but inaudible and harmless for human beings and (most) animals.

The transducer of the digital acoustic algaecide device deep into the water, about 150 mm below the water surface, mounted under a float of modern design or to be fixed on wall, which is not conspicuous and aqua colour blends into the water. Because of the way the transducer hangs in the water, the sound waves will be reflected by the water surface and will fill the water volume entirely getting to all algae present. The vibrations rip the vacuole (the microscopic cell in which all life functions of the algae are housed) thus killing the algae.

  1. Applications: Swimming pools (upto Olympic size), Drinking Water Storage, Cooling Tower, Water purifying systems, Water storages for the horticulture industry, Irrigation reservoirs, Recycling water containers, Raceways for aquacultures, Waste water recycling plants Ponds, Lakes, Rivers, water treatment plants, STP’s ETP’s , clarifier and settling tanks, sisheries , fishfarms, amenity lakes, golf courses, water supply reserviours, ornamental water features. The electronic box has to be mounted in a dry, covered place.


10meter, 25meter, 50 meter, 100meter, 150 meter

and 200 meters all around (horizontal and vertical)

Power consumption

20 Watts, 30 watts, 40 watts and 50 Watts


12 / 24 Volts DC, 220 V AC or 120 V AC. 50 / 60 Hz.

Solar power and wind power available

Cable length:

10 meter / 15 meter / 20 meters

or as specified at the time of placing the order.


Installation is quite simple:

After putting the plug from the transducer cable into the corresponding socket of the electronic box, the float with the transducer can be put in a suitable place into the water; through the water mass and covers as much as possible of the water that has to be treated. The vibration beams leave the transducer in an arc of 180 meter

If everything is fixed according to the instructions, the relevant plug from the electronic box can be put into the mains (220 or 120). The device is in operation and within a day or two you may already observe the first results.

Some algae types claimed to be killed by ultrasonic

1. Scenedesmus quadricauda
2. Cryptomonas erosa
3. Rhodomonas minuta
4. Cryptomonas sp.
5. Merismopedia tenuissima
6. Scenedesmus acuminates
7. Gloeocystis sp.
8. Ankistrodesmus falcatus
9. Oocystis pusilla
10. Phacus sp.
11. Gomphonema sp.
12. Nitzschia sp.
13. Pinnularia sp.

14. Navicula minima
15. Ulothrix sp.
16. Anabaena
17. Aphanizomenon
18. Microcystis
19. Cladophora
20. Spirogyra
21. Amphanizomenon
22. Cyclotella
23. Lagerheima
24. Dictyospharium
25. Coelastrum
26. Chlorella
27. Micractinium


Algae types that ultra-sound is cliamed even less effectiveness:
1. Microcystis Colonial Algae (produces a gelatinous mass and harder to control in larger colonies, 75% ultrasound effectiveness)
2. Pithophora (Cotton-ball Roaming Algae, produces hard cell walls and takes 6-8 weeks for control, 95% ultrasound effectiveness)
3. Cylindrospermopsis Raciborskii (free roaming algae, light driven, 75% ultrasound effectiveness)

Aalgae types not killed by ultrasound:
1. Chara (mimics the habits of vascular plants)
2. Nitella (mimics the habits of vascular plants, less rigid structure than Chara)
3. Euglena (mimics a Protozoa, free swimming and light driven)
4. Pediastrum (multi-celled algae in three stages; 8 celled, 16 celled, 32 celled)
5. Oscillatoria (free roaming algae, resembles and moves like a green worm)

Before considering ultrasonic device solutions discuss your immediate pond problems with us. Effectively controlling nutrients is a key to removing algae along with Ultrasound .

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