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Air Purifier

Air Ozonator for air treatment, disinfection, deodorisation and sterilisation

Air Ozoniser With the next generation ozone technology.
To disinfect, deodorize, sterilize and purify air as nature does in the stratosphere.

Ozotron Ozoniser creates fresh air, like after thunder and lighting. Breath in pure air, early morning fresh air any time of the day. Ozone destroys all micro organisms,  including bacteria, virus, spore, mold and fungi.

Ozone reduces Cigarette smoke and pollen level in air.

Ozone truly deodorizes by destroying odour causing bacteria and neutralising odour causing chemicals. The so called air Freshener or deodarisers do nothing but mask the existing odour by injecting aromatic chemicals in to already polluted air.

Ozoniser is a range of miniaturised air ozonator  a technology break through to bring to you the ultimate answer to combat odour and air pollution.

Ozoniser diffuses into atmosphere very small controllable quantity of ozone. Ozone reacts with the impurities (micro-organisms and chemicals) neutralizing them. The result is clean, pure, fresh and healthy air which feels so good to deep breath.

What is ozone?

ozone is a tri atomic allotrope of oxygen, formed by recombination of oxygen atoms.

How ozone formed?

In the stratosphere, Ozone is formed by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. And it also formed during lightening and thundering. We also produce ozone by the same principal called Corona discharge process.

Ozotron ozoniser is having state of the art ozone technology, being continuously developed indigenously for over 15 years by our in – house on going R & D, produces ozone by controlled high energy excitation to split oxygen molecules and recombine them to form ozone.

Characteristics of Ozone :

Ozone is a colour less gas with characteristics pungent odour detectable at as low as 0.05 ppm. It is 3000 times more power full disinfectant then chlorine. It disinfects, deodorize, decolorizes and oxidizes.

How Ozone works ?

Ozone works by oxidation. Ozone reduces to oxygen behind a nascent oxygen atom. This oxygen atom is a very powerful oxidizing agent which oxidizes the cellular structure of the micro-organisms instantly destroying them unlike chemical disinfectants. It also oxidizes chemicals  which are oxidisable  into harmless components by breaking down their molecules.

Pathogens are a health hazards in enclosed work as well as in living areas. Air conditioners are also one of the vehicles trapping and transferring microorganisms. The air purifier systems has been designed to oxidize particular mater, unpleasant smells, odours thus reducing bio-burden. Further it sanitizes the air by ozone dosing and  filtering the air providing relief from stress and freshness the air in the room.

Stress is caused  due to air in enclosed work spaces and living areas gets contaminated due to various factors like human load, pets, dust, stale foods, foul breath, sweat, sweat  - soaked cloths, socks,  and other unpleased odour. Due to unpleasant odours the is tendency towards irregular breathing, building up stress. This stress gets compounded due to positively charged atmosphere often as a result of electric fans, lights and air conditioners or other electric appliances and instruments. In such spaces where human inflows is large the  bio-burden is often high, and some times uncontrollable, persons already in stressed up  conditions are still further affected. Overall result is exhaustion toward the end of the day. Ozoniser addressed all these problems and many more in designing the air purifier system and recommends this systems for sanitizing the environment.

How does ozone air treatment work?  Ozone is an unstable form of oxygen. Its third oxygen atom is loosely held and "wants" to break away and react with other substances. It is the instability caused by this "extra" oxygen atom that leads to ozone's powerful oxidizing ability. Air-borne pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, and odorous molecules react with ozone and are thus eliminated. Otherwise, after 20-30 minutes at room temperature and pressure the ozone molecule will revert back to oxygen molecules, leaving behind no harmful by-products.

Uses : Particularly in hospitals where the diseased and  the disease prone patients are brought together , and the possibility of contagion is greatly enhanced. For when body defenses of a person are at a low, even mild infection can take a foothold and grow to life threatening proportions.

ICUs, ICCUs and Surgical Theaters, Hospital Rooms, Wards, Nursing Rooms, Consulting Rooms, Microbiological Laboratories. Production Units, Food Processing, Dairy, Egg Processing, Poultry Farms, Animal House,  Hotels Rooms, Reception Room, Cold Storage and many more

  • Home pet, tobacco, smoke, mildew, mold and cooking odour removal
  • Hotel room odour treatment
  • Hospital room and surgical room disinfection
  • Mold and mildew prevention and elimination
  • Fire and flood restoration - odour and mold removal
  • Building central ventilation treatment - eliminates "sick building syndrome"
  • Vehicle restoration - removes odours and bacteria from car interiors
  • Food storage - extends shelf life of fruits and vegetables and many, many more...
  • Aquazone Air ozoniser  has combined different air purification systems in a single unit to achieve maximum purification / treatment of air even in a  high bio-burden environment.  Under controlled conditions it helps to drastically reduce the bio-burden of the area which however need not be considered as a completely sterile area. Fumigation or any other similar mode of sterilization is desirable to achieve sterility of area along with use of Air Purifier.

    Ozoniser air purifier as following.

    I. Pre Air Filter : The  pre air filter mounted at the inlet side of a filtering cloth of 5 microns, traps the particles entering from the surrounding environment. Change the pre air filter when it is too dusty or every 6 monthly.

    II. Activated Carbon Filter : The activated carbon filter cloth traps the minute particles, which carry microorganism with them. It also adsorbs unpleasant smells as well as odors from incoming air. There by reducing the bio burden. Clean the filter with dry air blower once in a month. And Replace it every 6 monthly. It also filter the air  up to 0.3 microns.

    III. Ozone Chamber: In this chamber air will get ionized due to negative ions and disinfected and deodorize due to oxidation property of ozone.

    The air purifier is kept in closed room environment. The air drawn in from the inlet side of the air purifier. It travels through the pre air filter and carbon filter   allowing  air filtration up to 0.3 micron. The air gets exposed to a very high negative voltage and ozone gas in the chamber.  The Ozone gas oxidizes the pollutants, bacteria viruses, fume, microorganisms and odor causing substances from air. The air is again passes through 0.3 micron Carbon filter which retains and filters further and allow 100 % pure and safe air gets circulated in the surrounding environment.

    Thee unit is wall mounted as well as you can kept under the table at suitable place where there is adequate air circulation in the room (Fan or A.C.)  To ensure proper result. Switch on the unit 1 to 2 hours prior to use. The unit should be kept continuously ON to reduce the bio-burden.


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Aquazone a leading name in ozonator technology. Manufacturing World class ozonators at an affordable price. Our ozonators are made of international standards and working satisfactorily from last 20 years across the Globe. Aquazone is a specialist in the field of ozonator stablished by a group of technocrats with wide experience on ozonator. Aquazone is a leading designer and manufacturer of various ozonator such as for air & water treatment, purification application etc.

India’s most powerful ozonator generates 8 times more ozone per hour than most other models available here. This amount of power is required to remove the organic load in Indian waters. AQUAZONE systems adopt and conform to International Standards, thus out beating all other smaller ozonators

If you are looking for world best most economical ozone generator then aquazone systems and engineering is your final destination. Our Ozone generators are completly in SS with both air cooled and water cooled models are available.

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