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Electronics Water Descaler

Salt Less Environment Friendly Water Conditioner

WATER Conditioning  :-

Water very important for residential, commercial and industrial use. However, Scale Deposit, Rusting and Algae are some of the major problems that degrade the water quality and damage the piping, appliances and equipments.

Water Conditioner is the solution. It creates a frequency-modulated electromagnetic field inside the water supply pipe which prevents scale formation. The Electronics Water Conditioner does not use salt or any other chemical for de-scaling. It does not even remove natural minerals from Water; It just changes their structure to prevent scale formation.

How it works :-

DE-SCALER is a Microprocessor based device which creates frequency modulated electromagnetic field inside the water supply pipe. That filed forces dissolved calcium (magnesium) and bicarbonate ions to create the Crystallizing nuclei of calcium (magnesium) carbonate in the water. This microcrystal's grow continuously and flow with water in the form of suspended particles. Their size and shape much differs than those formed in untreated water. They don't stick at the pipe walls, heating elements of boilers, cooling tower, condenser, chillers,& washing machines. They remain in suspension until discharged to drain.

As the by-product of the precipitation of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) from the solution of Calcium Bicarbonate (Ca (HCO3) 2) in the water; the Carbon Dioxide is released into water. Carbon Dioxide dissolved in unstructured water (With much lesser amount of dissolved calcium ions) allows dissolving and softening old scale layers in the pipes, heating elements, heat exchangers etc. Mechanical force of water flow accelerates this de-scaling process. Thus, even without using any chemicals and salt; Electronics water DE-SCALER changes the structure and prevents further scale formation.

Electronics water conditioner have vast application in Resident, Commercial and Industries. 

Residential :- 

Hard water can cause skin and hair related problems. Moreover, Algae and Scale Formation in pipe lines, washing machine, shower, plumbing, white scale spot in bathroom and water filtration system affects the lifespan of home appliances.

Commercial :-

No more scale build up in Pipes, Water filter system & Equipments. Without using salt and chemicals, a revolutionary device called Electronics Water DE-SCALER prevents the formation of scale, rusting and algae.

Industrial :-

DE-SCALER solves the problem of scale, rust and Algae in Cooling Towers, Power Plants, Turbine, Boilers, Plate Heat Exchangers, Tube Bundles, Condensers, Water Chillers Or in any Industry where scale deposit.

A major application is to prevent R.O. Membranes from scaling and algae. It will drastically increase the life of membranes and water treatment plant. 






Pipe Size Diameter in mm

25 mm

50 mm

75 mm

100 mm

Pipe Size Diameter in Inc





Numbers of Coils





Impulse Wire Length

7.5 mtrs. x 1 No.

7.5 mtrs. x 2 Nos.

7.5 mtrs. x 3

7.5 Mtrs. x 4

Electromagnetic Strength

0.414 N

Voltage Jerk Caring Capacity 

4 KV

Voltage Output

15 Volts D.C.

Out Put Up to

15 Khz.

Out Put Current

250 mA

500 mA

750 mA

1000 mA


3 Watt

6 Watt

12 Watt

15 Watt

Universal Power Supply

100 Volts to 300 Volts,  50 Hz. Single Phase A.C.

Size – mm – Approx.

175 x130x 75

175 x130 x75

180 x180x75


Weight – Approx.

1.0 Kgs

1.5 Kgs

2.0 Kgs

3.0 Kgs.

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