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Ozonators Application

Beverages Processing

Beverage production shows the variety of advantages to be gained by using ozone. Ozone can be used in a wide range of products, including wine, milk, bottled juices, soft drinks, and can also be used in the brewing process.

When used to treat wine, ozone has a number of effects. First it is able to speed up the ageing process, thus reducing the overall time of production. It is used to avoid turbidity, which means that the wine keeps clear and clean. Milk production uses ozone to slow souring, which results in a prolonged storage life. The use of ozone in bottled juices and soft drinks pertains to the water that is used to make up many of the drinks. Ozone is used not only to disinfect the water, but also to rid it of any colouration. Within the brewing processes, ozone is used as a safer, and all round more preferable, option for the disinfection of pipelines, filters and bottles due to its non persistent and non toxic residue

Bottled Water

While ozone was originally used within bottled water to improve the quality and the consistency of the water, to disinfect, improve aesthetics, and extend the shelf life, the list benefits can now be experienced within the whole production process. Ozone treatment fulfils a number of functions. It disinfects the bottle, the bottling equipment and the water, while also treating the air above the water and the sealed bottle cap. The treatment provides an extremely effective barrier against microbiological contamination and improves the product itself.


Bleaching traditionally has been achieved in industries, such as the pulp and paper industry, by the use of chlorine based agents. However, the use of these substances is coming under stricter guidelines, so alternative solutions are being applied.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant, even at low temperatures, meaning that it has a fast reaction time and effective bleaching propierties. It also allows for the elimination of acute toxicity and chlorophenolics, increasing the biodegradability of the effluent streams. The result of this procedure is twofold, with the first being the improvement to the environment and with it the improvement of regulation compliance. The second is that ozone treatment makes it possible for the water quality to reach such a high level that it is becomes possible to recycle it and reuse it, thus greatly reducing overall water usage in the process and making the treatment economically, as well as environmentally, preferable..

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are a relatively new sector for ozone treatment. As such, the benefits of the technology are still being discovered by the users in this sector. The main advantages of ozone water treatment over the traditional chemical water treatment are in the water and energy savings that can be made. The reduction, and possible elimination, of chemical use also creates cost benefits for the user.
The first problem facing water cooling towers is the build up of biological growth and minerals, otherwise known as scale. These problems inhibit the cooling towers heat transfer efficiency. The way that this problem has been solved in the past has been through the use of chemical agents such as chlorine and chelating agents. While this is an adequate solution to the original problem, the chemical use creates its own problems. With natural water evaporation present, the remaining water acquires a high level of chemical and contaminant concentration. To regulate this, water is bled out of the system, and replaced by fresh "make up" water. It is the bleed off water that is problematic to dispose of, with extra sewage cost being incurred.
What ozone treatment brings to the process is the solving of the original problem with a vastly reduced number of secondary costs and considerations. As well as being a powerful biocide and virus deactivate, eliminating infectious bacteria, ozone has been proven to have a positive de-scaling effect. It also greatly reduces both the level of bleed off water, and also the per unit cost of disposing of it due to the environmentally friendly nature of ozone Added to this is the saving made due to that there is no need for storage of chemicals as ozone is produced on site. This fact significantly simplifies regulatory compliance.

Car Washes

Water recycling in car wash installations is rapidly becoming common place due to the benefits that are gained both economically and environmentally. However there is a danger of microbiological pathogens in the water causing problems.
By treating the water with ozone, it is possible to overcome problems associated with harmful microbiological pathogens. By using ozone as a disinfectant for the water, you kill off all fungi, bacteria and viruses that can cause problem. This allows for the water to be recycled more efficiently, leading to improved economic and environmental performance. While ozone is not the only treatment that can improve the quality of water, it is the most suitable for car wash installations since, unlike chemical solutions such as chlorine, ozone does not have any negative effects on the paint and chrome of the car body work

Drinking Water

The use of ozone in the treatment of drinking water is not a new technique. It is estimated that ozone is now used in over 3000 municipal drinking water installations world wide. The treatment offers a number of advantages over the traditional use of chlorine, most notably in the improvement of taste, odour and appearance. Allied to this is the ability to kill bacteria and inactive viruses more effectively than any chemical. It also reduces heavy metals found in drinking water, such as iron and manganese, to safer levels through oxidation. This all occurs within a process that is environmentally friendly, and which has oxygen as its main by-product. Ozone treatment negates the danger of tri-halo-methane (THM's) forming, making it a safer method as well as one which improves quality

Clean in Place Systems (CIP)

Clean in Place (CIP) systems are used within a number of industries, and all of them can benefit by using ozone in their cleaning process.
Ozone can supplement or replace conventional CIP methods such as chlorine, steam or caustic, and is easy to install and operate with limited maintenance required. Due to its high oxidation potential, ozone improves CIP effectiveness and overall system cleanliness, in the process of reducing overall chemical costs, discharge considerations and downtime. Downtime is reduced due to the higher levels of cleanliness in the system leading to lessened rinse up time and lower scheduled time for batch changes and product changes. In the long run ozone is in most cases cheaper, more efficient in terms of cleaning capability and time, than any other CIP system options.

Swimming Pools

Ozone generator usage in swimming pools is an ideal application for our state of the art technology. Not only is the method more efficient than traditional forms of swimming pool disinfecting, it also eradicates the negative side effects caused by chlorine cleaned pools. What ozone systems bring to this area is the solution to the problems faced by the use of chlorine in swimming pools.

One of the main problems when using a chemical cleaning agent is that the reaction between the agent and the organic waste creates different compounds. Chlorine, the most common chemical agent, produces a high number of toxic compounds when it reacts in this way, including trihalomethanes (THM's) and chloroform and exposure to these is now being linked to lung problems such as asthma as well as causing problems such as redness of the eyes and rashes for a great number of swimming pool users.

Ozone treatment of water results in no dangerous compounds as a result of the cleaning process, and any unused ozone turns into oxygen and remains.

BOD/COD Control

The Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is the amount of oxygen required by micro-organisms to oxidize the organic material in wastewater. The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) represents the oxygen consumption for chemical oxidation of organic material. These are used to measure the level of pollution in waste water. High BOD/COD levels are commonly found within agricultural waste, but can also occur in aquaculture waste water, and the pulp and paper industry.

Ozone treatment is used to reduce BOD/COD levels. This can be used within a recycling system, which then allows savings to be made on overall water usage and treatment cost, or it can be used as final treatment of waste water before releasing it back into the environment. Either way the use of ozone is a cheaper and environmentally safer option for reducing the level of BOD and COD.

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